"But these truths are wide, high, deep, requiring portals through which

earth might pass with the freedom of a child’s marble through a city’s

gate, and the midget systems of men would vanish in their presence like

the shadowy foundations of a dream. So for the system’s sake the

Needle’s Eye remains in spite of inconvenience, agony, and

unfaithfulness to God. Men built the gates; if God made the truth too

large to pass through, what is to be done - is it not better to reduce the

truth rather than remodel the architecture? So the architects argue, and

the contention still proceeds."

from The Life Elysian, by Robert James Lees


I love to study...and after getting a master's degree a few years ago, I have wanted to pursue a phd....which I am doing now (in my own little personal reality) through my studies and explorations of the teachings of Divine Love and Truth in my "living manuscript" entitled "The Circle...a vision of wholeness remembered" chronicling my soul's journey of spiritual and emotional integration and my process of embracing and coming to learn and understand the teachings of divine truth and divine love currently being brought onto the earth..." It is an ongoing, ever-evolving exploration of these teachings on the human soul, the spirit world, god's laws, lessons in love of self and others, soulmates, the truth about the universe and so much more plus my own life's journey (through artwork, prose, poetry and conversation) and the progression of my soul's return to it's original pure I was originally created by god to live in...through engaging this work and owning and understanding the truth of my own life and of god's universe....I'll be adding to this work on an ongoing basis....and loving every minute of it! I truly feel that each of the many many teachings of divine love being given to the world now through Jesus and Mary are worthy of a dissertation! woohoo....yay for engaging passions and desires (one of their many teachings!) a pathway to deeper understanding of my soul.


June 29, 2013

All my life I have been devoted to a calling deep within my soul. It guided me to move away from darkness and toward the light. It moved me always to feel and own my emotions and work toward greater levels of health and wholeness. As an artist, I chronicled much of my journey through the confusion of this world and have carried this work around with me in the form boxes filled with images and writings....a "manuscript" of sorts....that I have felt compelled to complete and share with others. But, I never saw the compete template in which I could unfold my work into. Until now.

Recently, I have come across what I believe to be the answers to alleviating all human suffering on the earth and the way to bring about a world of love and kindness and harmony once again in the teachings of divine love being brought to the earth now through AJ (Jesus) and Mary. As I learn more of these truths, I will be transforming my own work and teachings with the goal of bringing them into alignment with these guiding principles.

All the things I had come to understand through my own ceaseless and unwavering quest to heal and become whole feels minuscule to me in the face of these larger profound divine truths. And, it is a great relief to my soul. To discover this have access to these profound teachings....on the earth at this time in history.

As I have a deep desire to learn more deeply and thoroughly all of these lessons of divine truth and love, I have shifted the focus of my work to creating this "living manuscript" as a vehicle for my further exploration, study and sharing of this profound work. I will also be revisiting all of my own writings, artwork and the chronicles of my personal journey of emotional and spiritual integration throughout this life and bridging those works into the teachings of divine love as part of this work.

Stay tuned.



I am many things. And one part of my path calls me to share my story. Even though it may look dark and is actually a journey of light. For, sometimes, we must illuminate the shadow in order to dispel the stranglehold it has on us and on humanity. This is my work in this life and in this world. To contribute to that release. To set myself free. To shatter the grip of darkness that has run through my own ancestral lines. To return to the highest place of the human potential. And to dwell unmoving in the light.

This manuscript is part of that movement for me. I have walked through much darkness in this life. As have we all. But it is over now. I believe the time is upon on for the seeming endless journey of human suffering to come to it's natural end.


I wander the hills...and I I look out on many eons have we lived among you?

those of us who remain devoted to the sacred...
those of us who believe in the divine...
those of us who believe in the light of the truth?

those of us who know we can walk this very earth and embody our highest energies and create a world of peace here?

We have survived and have never had the capacity to erase the knowledge of our shared destiny nor our devotion to our own soul's knowing of what is true...of what is aligned with the source and what is not.

Our time is now.

May we be blessed with sustenance and protection as we unfold in these coming days before one our our the divine manifestations...of our glorious souls.

Here and now upon this sacred earth we share.


This is my devotion.

A psychic once told me, "You must write without any solicitous concern for the audience who reads you." Perhaps I am there now. And can share my words and allow others to have whatever experience is their's to have.

I hope that I can remain steady in my knowing that I am worthy of love. Because I am entering the time of my own exaltation. Where I will dwell in ecstasy as a woman. As a human being. The time is upon us to live in glory. To love one another. To care. To have compassion for every living thing.


Here is a full index of all the Divine Truth videos I am exploring in this work...

"Maybe nothing is real....but then again, maybe everything is."