by Motavenda Melchizedek


Here is a very interesting conversation with John Taylor Gatto on the history and factors driving the evolution and current forms of our destructive, devastating and failing system of education.


oh so liberating and inspiring....
this is a great source of validation for any and all who have dwelled disempowered and hopelessly at the mercy of the existing system of public is so cool to see people who love learning because they have retrieved their natural relationship to what should be a wondrous experience from the hands of such a crippling enterprise. It will be an awesome world to live in when the dignity of every soul is honored rather than systematically crushed from early life through these darkly designed constructs. I always knew something was terribly wrong with the institutions I have passed through...and this wise soul just lays it out so undeniably...the deeply sinister history of it all...and the crucial truth that we who have felt overpowered, distressed and disenfranchised in the midst of it were oh so right in our feelings and in our soul-level knowing that what was happening to us was just plain wrong.

The Truth About Your Education much to learn!

and inspiring when it comes to reclaiming my own love learning from that oppressive past of dwelling in educational institutions where I instinctually split off from my engagement of learning for self-preservation.

I recently got a master's degree in education and I felt all these things this man explains so clearly here in this discussion.

This is a great starting point for discussions on designing and engaging loving ways of learning and teaching.