wow...this material is so useful to learn....non-violent communication is really interesting to many pragmatic things to apply to the often confusing terrain of human interaction.


Here is the "Needs Inventory" referred to in this video.

Here is a "Feelings Inventory".


Suggested exercises:

1. Identify my most frequently used "jackals" when I am angry.

2. Consider what needs of mine or not being met and what I might be afraid of when I am angry.

3. Ask,"How do I talk to myself when I am less than perfect"?

4. List those things that other people say that I respond to defensively or aggressively or judgementally.

5. What am I afraid they might do in these situations?


Needs that ALL humans share:

1. Sustenance (food, air, water, shelter)

2. Safety/protection

3. Love

4. Empathy

5. Rest/recreation

6. Warm community

7. Creativity

8. Autonomy

9. Meaning/purpose/contribution to life




Here is a longer 9 part overview of nonviolent communication...