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A quick note to friends...I've decided to change my name back to my birthname which is "Maureen Costello" which I want to mention here just to avoid any confusion as I start to move in that direction...it will probably take some time to complete the process...but I'll keep my nickname "Moti".

I think it will be a good thing for me to do because I changed my name 30 years ago to "Motavenda Melchizedek" when I was in the midst of things that I am now wanting to be more clear about that I think this change will help me to understand better as I move to connect more fully to my early life and to my whole soul into the future.

I know I changed my name partly due to things I was not wanting to fully feel about my childhood...and that is something I want to deconstruct. We shall see...how it works out...but I think this is probably loving for me to do...because I think the name I have been using all these years does cut me off from my real myself in ways I don't quite see or understand fully from here...yet I want to....so I'm going to get started!



The Truth Really Can Set Us Free...

And, here is a link to Mary and Jesus' site on Divine Truth...and, here is a direct link to hundreds of hours of their videos on everything from the human soul, the truth about the universe, God's Laws, soulmates, the spirit world and so much more...check it out...it's totally awesome.

Let's do it!

Let's heal our souls and help to bring love and peace to the earth and to one another with the help of the great gift of these teachings...and with the love of God.



What's Else is New?


I'll be releasing my Black & White Series of fifty painting for sale soon...

Yay! I just got a new website up devoted to this series...check it out!



I make glass beads...here is some of my glass bead jewelry...



I am currently available for readings....learn more here!



I am also available for personal and group belly dancing lessons...learn more here!



I've created a website devoted to "Divine Love and the Animal Kingdom" ~woohoo ~ check it out!!!



"The Mother Bird Series" Open Edition Archival Canvas Prints available here...



Also, my book "The Edge of the World...The Metaphysics of Survival and the Evolution of Humanity" is now available free in pdf for you to read, download and share if you desire.



I am busy breathing new life into my "living manuscript" The Circle: A Vision of Wholeness Remembered...wherein I am weaving the chronicles of my own evolution into the teachings of divine love in search of ways to gift my learnings while bringing them into more and more harmony with divine love through sharing these profound works as well as my own writings and artwork. The Teachings of Divine Love have brought to me the missing pieces in my own understandings of the journey of my life and offer the needed insights for moving into true health and divinity in this body on this earth.


Recent Additions to Manuscript:

Lessons in Divine Love: Jesus on Origins and Issues of Lack

Exploring Global Issues: Moving Forward: A Public Conversation on Surviving Sexual Abuse

Exploring Social Issues: The Death Penalty

Explorations: Creating New Dimensions on Earth

Explorations: Nonviolent Communication

Explorations: Near Death Experiences

Lessons in Divine Love: The Padgett Messages

Exploring Global Issues: Israel, Palestine and the Gaza Strip

Exploring Global Issues: ISIS and the Islamic Militant State

Exploring Global Issues: Pedophilia

Exploring Global Issues: Epidemics

Lessons in Divine Love: I Shall Not Hate

Essay: The Edge of the World

Essay: My Accident and the Law of Attraction

Lessons in Divine Love: Jesus and Mary Clarify Issues Around Rageful People and Spirits

Lessons in Divine Love: The Secrets of the Universe

Lessons in Divine Love: Interview with Jesus: Abortion

Lessons in Divine Love: Discovering and Connecting to Desires

Prose: The Man and the Woman

Lessons in Divine Love: Spirit Influence and Sexuality in "Spiritual" Practices

Recommended Readings: A Wanderer in the Spirit Lands by Franchezzo

Lessons in Divine Love: The Sleep State

Explorations: Schizophrenia

Explorations: The Truth About Education in America

Lessons in Divine Love: Jesus Helps a Woman in the Hells to Stop Passing Her Injuries on to Others

Lessons in Divine Love: How to Progress from the 6th Dimension of the Spirit World

Lessons in Divine Love: The Truth About Family Bonds on Earth and in the Spirit World

Lessons in Divine Love: What Parents Will Need to do to Reunite with Children they have Injured

Readings and Book Discussions: Through the Mists Trilogy


I can't say enough about the wonderful experience I had recently in Texas where I got to spend time learning more about the Teachings of Divine Truth...my gratitude runs deep for these most loving souls who have shown me such kindness and have illuminated for us all the way forward that I was longing for all my life...

here are the full presentations from that event

and here are a few excerpts:

In this short clip, I receive some great insight on abuse, abusers, attacks and the law of attraction....I found it deeply healing and thought it might be helpful to others who deal with these things too.


And, in this clip, Jesus addresses issues of child abuse and and how these experiences can effect our adult lives and what is involved in truly healing these injuries. He brings, with loving kindness, more clarity and truth to these often confusing dynamics and he explains how and why so many of us who have tried to heal these injuries were not engaging the complete process necessary to become truly free.